¿Son seguros los contactos sharingan?

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Are sharingan contacts safe? Yes !

Sharingan contacts are direct eye contact products with high factory testing and safety standards by default. sharingan contacts can be safe by choosing the right brand, such as our product sharingan.us from Asia’s largest colored contact lens factory, with multiple manual and robotic product integrity, edge smoothness and many other The safety tests are conducted manually and robotically several times to ensure that our customers are very comfortable wearing them.

Of course, to wear sharingan contacts completely safely, you need to keep your hands and eyes clean, and a clean wearing process is even more important. According to 9,783 questionnaires surveyed by 18 eye medical institutions, 95.36% of unsafe contact lens problems were due to unclean wearing and overtime wearing, causing eye inflammation and pain. So please keep your hands and eyes clean before wearing sharingan contacts, and clean and disinfect the lenses after wearing them. Also very close to the heat (such as BBQ, campfire), close to the heat may lead to accidents.

Are sharingan contacts safe? Yes ! – Doctors recommended

If you are still unsure, see your doctor to evaluate the state of your cornea, tear production, whether your eye pressure is normal, and a number of other conditions to determine if your eyes are suitable for wear.

  • Presence of inflammation, dry eye, high eye pressure or other eye diseases.
  • Presence of systemic diseases such as severe diabetes.
  • The presence of long-term exposure to fumes, dust and other work environments.

In all these cases, contact lenses are not recommended.

Are Sharingan Contacts Safe

Are sharingan contacts safe? Yes ! – Wear it with these 4 points in mind

➊ Wearing time

In general, do not wear your glasses for more than 12 hours a day, preferably no more than 8 hours. Do not wear them overnight!

➋ Wearing habits

Before putting on and taking off your glasses, wash your hands and clean your fingers with lotion before you start to take them off.

If you want to put on makeup, put on your glasses first and then put on your makeup, and take off your glasses first and then take off your makeup. For the sake of memory, remember one thing: Handle your glasses first ~

➌ Shelf life

Both contact lenses and care solutions should be used within their shelf life.

It is advisable to buy a small bottle of care solution and use it up within 1 month of opening. The longer it takes, the more likely it is to harbor bacteria, so it is usually recommended to get a new one if you don’t finish using it within 3 months.

➍ Other

Some special circumstances, it is recommended to stop wearing.

For example, during periods of low body immunity such as colds, which can easily cause infections. You should also not wear contact lenses when swimming, bathing, or flying.

Can women wear them during their periods? No problem in general, you can deal with the specific situation according to your own.


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