Sasuke Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts V2


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Sasuke Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts V2
Sasuke Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts V2 $29.95 $17.99

Sasuke Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts

These contact lenses include sasuke’s version of the mangekyou sharingan which contains what resembles a six pointed star.
Sasuke is one of the last enduring participants of the Uchiha clan as well as was originally a member of Konoha’s group 7. Nevertheless, Sasuke always had a specific darkness inside him that drove him to become strong.

After seeing and also surviving the mass slaughter of his whole clan by the hands of his sibling Itachi– Sasuke had originally swore retribution against his bro.

When the desire for power ended up being undue he departed from the town and his teammates to choose Orochimaru for more power. Following this he later on took place to briefly join Akatsuki and come to be a desired wrongdoer. And his noticeable demand to gain more power seems to never end.

Sasuke initially awakened his sharingan at the age of 7 years of ages including one only one tomoe in each eye. Nevertheless, comparable to Kakashi he appeared not aware of this and it had not been until his battle with Haku that he might purposely awaken and also utilize it at will.

It had not been till in the future in his battle with NRT at the Valley of completion was he able to fully awaken his 3 tomoe sharingan.

Later on sasuke handled to awaken his mangekyou sharingan after learning the truth behind Itachi as well as his actual objective and also intentions of what he did. In this version we see what resembles a 6 pointed star; also known as the “straight tomoe”.

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70 avaliações para Sasuke Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts V2

  1. Avatar De Ellie Cook
    Ellie C
    fevereiro 25, 2023
    Die Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind sehr vielseitig und bieten eine große Auswahl an Stilen. Ich liebe sie für mein Naruto Cosplay!
    Avatar De Aaliyah Dufour
    Aaliyah D
    fevereiro 16, 2023
    Very smooth surface, good fit and fast shipping.
    Avatar De Isabelle Schröder
    Isabelle S
    janeiro 24, 2023
    Diese Sharingan Kontaktlinsen passten perfekt und sie sind sehr atmungsaktiv.
    Avatar De Adeline Moreau
    Adeline M
    janeiro 17, 2023
    Great colors, comfortable on the eyes, fast shipping and great value for money.
    Avatar De Fleur Mercier
    Fleur M
    janeiro 13, 2023
    Die Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind so schön! Ich habe sie zu Halloween getragen und habe viele Komplimente bekommen.
    Avatar De Mila Meyer
    Mila M
    janeiro 8, 2023
    I'm always thrilled when I get awesome Sharingan Contact Lenses. I even got some free Naruto stickers as a bonus!
    Avatar De William Meyer
    William M
    janeiro 4, 2023
    I really love the free random gifts that come with each pair of Sharingan contact lenses.
    Avatar De Yvette Hernandez
    Yvette H
    dezembro 23, 2022
    Perfect for Naruto fans and cosplay players!
    Avatar De Justin Richard
    Justin R
    dezembro 10, 2022
    Die Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind von hochwertigem Material und sorgen für einen bequemen Sitz.
    Avatar De Emma Williams
    Emma W
    dezembro 2, 2022
    The Sharingan contacts are so well made, durable, and inexpensive, I'm really impressed!
    Avatar De Ruby Schwarz
    Ruby S
    dezembro 1, 2022
    I bought Sharingan contact lenses for Halloween and it is the perfect choice for Naruto fans and cosplay!
    Avatar De Leo Seidel
    Leo S
    novembro 19, 2022
    The service is good and their response is fast.
    Avatar De Miles Hernandez
    Miles H
    novembro 15, 2022
    Las lentes de contacto Sharingan son súper divertidas y tienen una alta calidad. El servicio es excelente y las recibí muy rápido.
    Avatar De Mia Klein
    Mia K
    novembro 7, 2022
    Sharingan contacts are great for Naruto Cosplay, you can look exactly like Naruto.
    Avatar De Margarethe Caron
    Margarethe C
    novembro 4, 2022
    Meine Augen fühlten sich nicht trocken an, auch nach längerem Tragen.
    Avatar De Paula Wilson
    Paula W
    outubro 28, 2022
    J'étais surpris que les lentilles de contact Sharingan soient disponibles à un prix si avantageux!
    Avatar De Emilia Morgan
    Emilia M
    outubro 26, 2022
    I tried the Sharingan contact lenses and was super happy with it. They are very comfortable to wear and safe, plus there were free Naruto stickers as ...More
    I tried the Sharingan contact lenses and was super happy with it. They are very comfortable to wear and safe, plus there were free Naruto stickers as bonus.
    Avatar De Jonathan Baker
    Jonathan B
    outubro 26, 2022
    Ich habe diese Sharingan-Kontaktlinsen für meine Cosplay-Veranstaltung bestellt. Sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität, super gemütlich und atmungsaktiv.
    Avatar De Collin Huber
    Collin H
    outubro 25, 2022
    Ces lentilles de contact Sharingan sont très bien conçues et adaptées à tous les fans de Naruto !
    Avatar De Sarah Fournier
    Sarah F
    outubro 24, 2022
    Le lenti a contatto Sharingan sono le migliori lenti che abbia mai comprato! Sono comodissime da indossare e si sentono molto umide.
    Avatar De Henry Keller
    Henry K
    outubro 24, 2022
    Die Verarbeitung ist hervorragend und sie sind absolut dauerhaft, daher kann ich sie jederzeit wieder kaufen.
    Avatar De Teresa Julien
    Teresa J
    outubro 10, 2022
    Ich liebe die Sharingan Kontaktlinsen. Sie sind von guter Qualität und es fühlt sich gut an, sie auf dem Auge zu tragen.
    Avatar De Paula Francois
    Paula F
    setembro 26, 2022
    Sharingan contact lenses last longer than other brands and the prices are very good.
    Avatar De Dominique Davis
    Dominique D
    setembro 24, 2022
    J'ai acheté des lentilles de contact Sharingan et j'en suis très satisfait! Elles s'ajustent parfaitement, sont confortables et je les adore!
    Avatar De Logan David
    Logan D
    setembro 16, 2022
    I really enjoy using these Sharingan contact lenses. They look realistic and are super comfortable.
    Avatar De Ornella Scholz
    Ornella S
    setembro 15, 2022
    J'adore les lentilles de contact Sharingan! Elles sont super agréables à porter et la qualité est excellente.
    Avatar De Jayden Marchand
    Jayden M
    setembro 9, 2022
    Ich bin ein großer Fan von Naruto und diese Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind perfekt für ein Cosplay.
    Avatar De Aaliyah Peters
    Aaliyah P
    setembro 8, 2022
    The materials used for these lenses are very durable and eco-friendly.
    Avatar De Romy Richter
    Romy R
    setembro 6, 2022
    The Sharingan contact lenses are perfect for Naruto cosplay and Halloween.
    Avatar De Lydia Winkler
    Lydia W
    setembro 3, 2022
    I've bought Sharingan contact lenses many times and I'm very satisfied with their quality.
    Avatar De Jonathan Becker
    Jonathan B
    setembro 1, 2022
    Ich war überrascht über den Preis von Sharingan Kontaktlinsen! Sie sind viel günstiger als auf anderen Websites.

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