Soczewki kontaktowe Rinne Sharingan


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Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)
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Soczewki kontaktowe Rinne Sharingan $39.95 $17.99

Soczewki kontaktowe Rinne Sharingan

Rinne Sharingan
Rinne Sharingan

Rinne Sharingan to dōjutsu kekkei mōra i poprzednik Rinnegana i Sharingana. Charakteryzuje się czerwonymi twardówkami i tęczówkami, z falistym wzorem rozciągającym się na gałce ocznej i dziewięciu tomoe.

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48 opinii dla Soczewki kontaktowe Rinne Sharingan

  1. Avatar Of Jordan Schmidt
    Jordan S
    20 lutego, 2023
    These Sharingan contacts are what I've been looking for a long time. I love their style and they are really comfortable to wear.
    Avatar Of Logan Krüger
    Logan K
    14 lutego, 2023
    Highly recommend these sharingan contacts! They are the top ranked contacts, endorsed by Youtube, Instagram and TikTok influencers.
    Avatar Of Daniel Meyer
    Daniel M
    13 lutego, 2023
    Avatar Of James Fournier
    James F
    5 lutego, 2023
    ¡Las lentes de contacto Sharingan son increíbles! Muy cómodas y fáciles de usar, además de su excelente calidad.
    Avatar Of Nadja Albrecht
    Nadja A
    3 lutego, 2023
    Un regalo gratuito e un adesivo Naruto sono stati inclusi con le mie lenti a contatto Sharingan, sono molto felice.
    Avatar Of Peyton Bertrand
    Peyton B
    2 lutego, 2023
    Ho acquistato le lenti a contatto Sharingan, sono molto comode da indossare e di ottima qualità.
    Avatar Of Carmela Lucas
    Carmela L
    28 stycznia, 2023
    Mit Sharingan Kontaktlinsen kann man super Naruto Cosplay machen! Außerdem kommen sogar gratis Naruto Sticker mit dazu!
    Avatar Of Aubree Meyer
    Aubree M
    24 stycznia, 2023
    Sharingan contact lenses are the best choice for Naruto fans and cosplay enthusiasts.
    Avatar Of Julian Roberts
    Julian R
    23 stycznia, 2023
    As lentes Sharingan têm qualidade excepcional, muito bom custo-benefício e design incrível!
    Avatar Of Gabriella Picard
    Gabriella P
    29 grudnia, 2022
    The return policy is convenient and the price is really cheap.
    Avatar Of Alexander Horn
    Alexander H
    19 grudnia, 2022
    Die Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind von sehr guter Qualität und das Material ist angenehm.
    Avatar Of Alma Murphy
    Alma M
    15 grudnia, 2022
    Great price, I got extra gifts and naruto iron-on stickers for free!
    Avatar Of Clara Engel
    Clara E
    3 grudnia, 2022
    Los fans de Naruto amarán estas lentillas. Parecen tan reales cuando las usas y son increíblemente geniales.
    Avatar Of Alexa Lorenz
    Alexa L
    26 listopada, 2022
    Sono impressionato dalle lenti a contatto Sharingan perché sono traspiranti e non lasciano che i miei occhi si asciughino.
    Avatar Of Alexander Fleury
    Alexander F
    23 listopada, 2022
    My eyes didn't feel dry even after wearing them for long.
    Avatar Of Teresa Fleury
    Teresa F
    18 listopada, 2022
    The Sharingan contact lenses come in so many styles, it's easy to find the perfect pair that fits your look.
    Avatar Of Alice Hernandez
    Alice H
    13 listopada, 2022
    Ich habe so viele Sharingan-Kontaktlinsen ausprobiert, aber diejenigen, die ich jetzt trage, sind die besten!
    Avatar Of Sofia Müller
    Sofia M
    6 listopada, 2022
    I love that these lenses come with free random gifts, including Naruto embossed stickers.
    Avatar Of Aria Wolf
    Aria W
    18 października, 2022
    ¡Las lentes de contacto Sharingan son impresionantes! La calidad de los materiales y el diseño son increíbles, y las lentes son muy cómodas de usar.
    Avatar Of Elias Guillaume
    Elias G
    19 września, 2022
    I'm a loyal fan now, I have worn Sharingan contact lenses on holidays, they always make me stand out in the crowd.
    Avatar Of Kennedy Moore
    Kennedy M
    19 września, 2022
    Les lentilles de contact Sharingan sont parfaites pour compléter un look, elles sont très abordables et sont faites à partir de matériaux de qualité.
    Avatar Of Isabelle Hall
    Isabelle H
    13 września, 2022
    The Sharingan contact lenses are perfect for Naruto cosplay and Halloween.
    Avatar Of Nustu
    25 października, 2021
    These are the most comfortable lenses I've been able to find. The selection is extensive and the pricing is reasonable.

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  • Before using new contact lenses, please soak your contact lenses in multi-purpose contact lens solution for at least 4-6 hours.
  • Never wear contact lenses overnight.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses close to heat (e.g. BBQ) and for water sports.
  • Ophthalmologists recommend daily contact lens rinsing and scrubbing after removing your contact lenses to protect your eyes from wearing them comfortably and to prevent damage to your lenses due to protein deposits.
  • Please wear your contact lenses before applying makeup around the eyes and remove them before removing makeup.


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