Byakugan Pure White NRT Contacts


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Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)
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Byakugan Pure White NRT Contacts

The Byakugan (literally meaning: White Eye, meaning (Viz): All Seeing White Eye) is a kekkei genkai dōjutsu that originated from the Ōtsutsuki clan. After the Ōtsutsuki settled on Earth, the Byakugan became more commonly associated with the Hyūga clan, descendants of the Ōtsutsuki. It is regarded as one of the “Three Great Dōjutsu”, the others being the Sharingan and the Rinnegan

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60 reviews for Byakugan Pure White NRT Contacts

  1. Avatar Of Mila Wright
    Mila W
    February 28, 2023
    Riesige Auswahl an Kontaktlinsen, mit denen Sie einen wirklich coolen Look erzielen können.
    Avatar Of Lena Kuhn
    Lena K
    February 26, 2023
    The Sharingan contacts are the best choice for Naruto fans, I’m so amazed by how comfortable they are for wearing!
    Avatar Of Lillian Voigt
    Lillian V
    February 23, 2023
    Le lenti Sharingan sono di alta qualità, i colori sono belli e i materiali sono molto morbidi.
    Avatar Of Brielle Blanc
    Brielle B
    February 15, 2023
    Ich war schon immer ein großer Sharingan Fan! Mit der Linsen bin ich glücklich!
    Avatar Of Joseph Horn
    Joseph H
    February 2, 2023
    Ces lentilles de contact Sharingan sont très bien conçues et adaptées à tous les fans de Naruto !
    Avatar Of Isolde Wilson
    Isolde W
    February 2, 2023
    Ho acquistato le lenti a contatto Sharingan, sono molto comode da indossare e di ottima qualità.
    Avatar Of Riley Lorenz
    Riley L
    January 31, 2023
    The Sharingan contact lenses are the best for your eyes. No dryness and super cute styles.
    Avatar Of Jacqueline Schumann
    Jacqueline S
    January 27, 2023
    Sharingan contact lenses are the perfect choice for Naruto fans. Quality, durability and breathability are all great.
    Avatar Of Frieda Lopez
    Frieda L
    January 24, 2023
    I bought the Sharingan contact lenses and I love them! They are so comfortable to wear and the quality is really good.
    Avatar Of Melanie Jones
    Melanie J
    January 21, 2023
    Ich kann diese Sharingan Kontaktlinsen nur weiterempfehlen. Sie sind super bequem, sehen toll aus und sind für einen guten Preis erhältlich.
    Avatar Of Mateo Rogers
    Mateo R
    January 13, 2023
    Sharingan Kontaktlinsen passen sich an meine Augen an und sind sehr bequem zu tragen.
    Avatar Of Ian Zimmermann
    Ian Z
    January 7, 2023
    Die Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind sehr bequem zu tragen! Sie sind leicht, gut passend und sehen auf jedem Auge gleich aus.
    Avatar Of Alexa Baum
    Alexa B
    January 3, 2023
    Le lenti a contatto Sharingan hanno una qualità eccellente e sono molto comode da indossare.
    Avatar Of Helena Cook
    Helena C
    December 19, 2022
    Les lentilles de contact Sharingan sont incroyablement confortables et il y a une grande variété de styles.
    Avatar Of Penelope Möller
    Penelope M
    December 10, 2022
    Diese Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind die beste Wahl für Fans des Sharingan. Sie sind komfortabel zu tragen und schützen die Augen vor Schäden.
    Avatar Of Madison Braun
    Madison B
    December 4, 2022
    Diese Kontaktlinsen sind zu einem sehr günstigen Preis erhältlich.
    Avatar Of Aurora Hernandez
    Aurora H
    December 1, 2022
    Les lentilles de contact Sharingan ont une très bonne qualité et sont très confortables à porter.
    Avatar Of Eleanor Davis
    Eleanor D
    November 30, 2022
    Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind einfach die beste Wahl für Narutofans! Ich kann nicht glauben, wie bequem sie sind!
    Avatar Of Rylee Mitchell
    Rylee M
    November 17, 2022
    Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind für Naruto Fans eine tolle Option, da sie stilvoll sind und perfekt sitzen.
    Avatar Of Aria Adam
    Aria A
    November 7, 2022
    You can't go wrong with Sharingan contacts - they are the perfect choice for Sharingan fans!
    Avatar Of Bella Sauer
    Bella S
    November 7, 2022
    Las lentes de contacto Sharingan son la mejor opción para los fanáticos de Naruto y su calidad es muy buena.
    Avatar Of Wesley Bell
    Wesley B
    November 6, 2022
    I was really impressed by how easy and safe it was to use the Sharingan contact lenses.
    Avatar Of Marta Peters
    Marta P
    November 5, 2022
    The Sharingan contacts are very environmentally friendly and the materials used are also of superior quality.
    Avatar Of Frieda Schulze
    Frieda S
    November 4, 2022
    Ich habe die Sharingan Kontaktlinsen als Geschenk für meinen Freund gekauft und er ist begeistert.
    Avatar Of Victoria Schröder
    Victoria S
    October 12, 2022
    Amazing selection of Sharingan contact lenses, with various colors and styles to choose from.
    Avatar Of Alexander Meyer
    Alexander M
    October 8, 2022
    They have so many fashionable styles, I can definitely find one that fits me.
    Avatar Of Nicole Green
    Nicole G
    October 6, 2022
    Sharedgan Kontaktlinsen sind sehr preisgünstig und bieten ein tolles Design.
    Avatar Of Stella Meyer
    Stella M
    September 29, 2022
    Die Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind meine erste Wahl. Ich liebe sie!
    Avatar Of Geneviève Hauser
    Geneviève H
    September 27, 2022
    I've also found that these lenses give my eyes a sense of protection against UV rays.

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  • Before using new contact lenses, please soak your contact lenses in multi-purpose contact lens solution for at least 4-6 hours.
  • Never wear contact lenses overnight.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses close to heat (e.g. BBQ) and for water sports.
  • Ophthalmologists recommend daily contact lens rinsing and scrubbing after removing your contact lenses to protect your eyes from wearing them comfortably and to prevent damage to your lenses due to protein deposits.
  • Please wear your contact lenses before applying makeup around the eyes and remove them before removing makeup.


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