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Itachi’s Mangekyou Sharingan Blanket Round Bedding Flannel


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Packaging: 1 Pair (2 lenses)
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Round Sharingan Blanket Bedding Flannel
Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan Blanket Round Bedding Flannel $39.95$59.95
Itachi’s Mangekyou Sharingan Blanket Round Bedding Flannel

We use high quality facecloth and heat transfer printing technology for product customization, the color is bright and realistic without losing color, and warm. The pigments are environmentally friendly vegetable dyed pigments, which do not contain harmful substances. Breathable 90%, shrinkage rate is less than 5%.

Note: This product requires on-site processing and is shipped 3 days later than regular orders!

12 avis pour Itachi’s Mangekyou Sharingan Blanket Round Bedding Flannel

  1. Avatar De Leni Smith
    Leni S
    janvier 14, 2023
    Super Kontaktlinsen, es gibt viele verschiedene Stile, die perfekt sind, um einen Cosplay-Look zu erreichen! Sehr empfehlenswert.
    Avatar De Cora Schmitz
    Cora S
    novembre 27, 2022
    Les lentilles de contact Sharingan sont très bien ! Elles sont confortables à porter et très durables.
    Avatar De Emma Heinrich
    Emma H
    novembre 9, 2022
    La qualité des lentilles Sharingan est vraiment exceptionnelle. Ils sont confortables à porter et tiennent longtemps.
    Avatar De David Huber
    David H
    octobre 4, 2022
    Sharingan Kontaktlinsen sind von sehr guter Qualität und machen Naruto-Fans glücklich!
    Avatar De Ludovica Brandt
    Ludovica B
    septembre 5, 2022
    I find these Sharingan contact lenses great. Some costumes for Naruto are nothing without them!

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  • Never wear contact lenses overnight.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses close to heat (e.g. BBQ) and for water sports.
  • Ophthalmologists recommend daily contact lens rinsing and scrubbing after removing your contact lenses to protect your eyes from wearing them comfortably and to prevent damage to your lenses due to protein deposits.
  • Please wear your contact lenses before applying makeup around the eyes and remove them before removing makeup.


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